3.9 Million Judgment for Boy Who Lost Leg Reversed

By September 27, 2012 Personal Injury News
boy jumps on train
Boy Jumping on Train

– not the actual boy in the news! (source)

A 12 year-old thought he could impress his girlfriend by jumping on a moving train in Illinois. After two failed attempts the boy’s leg got caught under the train and had to be amputated.

Arguing negligence against the railroad companies involved initially got him a $3.9 million judgment. However, the Illinois Supreme Court reversed the judgment saying “A landowner has no duty to remedy a dangerous condition if it presents obvious risks that children generally of the plaintiff’s age would be expected to appreciate and avoid.”

Takeaway:  Don’t try to impress your girlfriend by jumping on a moving train. If you’re old enough to have a girlfriend, you should know better.

[note color=”#DDD”]Do you think I’m being too harsh on this issue?[/note]

Source:  http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/09/27/50699.htm

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