Railroad accidents are the worst fears of family members who suspect their loved ones may have been present at the time of the incident. Due to the nature of trains and the lack of avoidance maneuvers in unforeseen circumstances, railroad collisions are extremely deadly. We don’t have to look far to remember the two most recent Metrolink crashes in Los Angeles area in 2005 and 2008 that left many dead and injured. When passenger trains collide with vehicles or worse – freight trains, the devastation left behind is unthinkable and terrifying. Handling train accidents requires expertise of experienced railroad accident attorneys and should not befall on just any injury lawyer.

Train accidents vary in severity and often include:

  • Derailments
  • Collisions with vehicles
  • Collisions with other trains
  • Collisions with pedestrians
  • On-board accidents
  • Mechanical Failures

Why Speak With a Lawyer?

If you or someone you love have been involved in a train accident resulting in injuries or death, contact our attorney to fight for you. Although we can’t bring back your loved ones or heal the emotional damage suffered from a railroad accident, we can help take away the worries of paying medical expenses. Injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord damage, joint and muscle pain, migraines and burn injuries can cost insurmountable amounts of money to rehabilitate if at all possible. Our attorneys will make sure you get the compensation you deserve to put your financial worries behind you.

Our lawyers personally work with you to determine the extent of the injuries both direct and indirect as a result of the accident. After careful consideration of each detail, we will pursue with litigation against negligent parties.

We Can Answer Your Questions

If you have any questions regarding your train injury claims, we can answer them for you. Use our free consultation form or call our attorneys at (213) 891-0777. There are no obligations.