Friday Roundup of Interesting Posts #1


It hasn’t been easy figuring out what the Friday’s message will be from here on out, but after reading many witty, informative, humorous and intelligent posts we settled on making Fridays post roundup days. Here are some of the more interesting posts written by legal and media folks this week:

  1. Lenore Skenazy (Twitter) @ Free-Range Kids blogged via The Agitator about a man who sat next to 2 unaccompanied kids on an airline and was asked to move because “it’s not safe for kids to sit next to a man.” Obviously there is an outrage at the airline’s policy and Lenore has the latest on the coverage of this issue.
  2. Robert Ambrogi (Twitter) @ LawSites posted an interesting interview of himself about how technology is transforming the legal field. If you are an attorney who isn’t convinced yet, have a look.
  3. V Mary Abraham (Twitter) @ Above and Beyong KM drew informative parallels between the recent NASA Curiosity mission and knowledge management in a post titled “Curiosity Has Landed.” If you are not following Mary’s blog, do so now.
  4. Bob Kraft (Twitter) @ puts on a show every Friday with an interesting video in an appropriately named segment “Friday Fun.”  This week it features a video of five men playing a single piano! Thanks Bob!
  5. Carolyn Elefant (Twitter) @ My Shingle entertains the concept of using doodles in the 21st Century practice of law. Carolyn states that law is often complicated in communication with clients and discourages people from seeking legal assistance.
  6. Evan Schaeffer (Twitter) @ Beyond the Underground reminded us about security vulnerabilities that come with use of personal email accounts and chaining of passwords via the post at If you use a G-Mail account, consider enabling the 2-step verification system.

That’s it for the Friday roundup. We look forward to more great posts by many of the bloggers in the legal community. Have a great weekend!

5 Men Playing a Piano:

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