We at Fisher & Talwar are committed to supporting you. Numerous instances involving wrongful death, severe injuries, and personal injuries have been handled by our skilled attorneys. Many of our cases come as referrals from other attorneys, some of whom we have argued against in previous litigation.

Verdicts & Settlements

  • $6 million – auto fatality
  • Multi-million – State’s failure to install a guardrail
  • $1.5 million – commercial truck fatality
  • $1.25 million – drug litigation
  • $1.4 million – auto fatality from defective tire
  • $3 million – exposure to toxins from construction defect
  • $4 million – defective tire auto accident
  • $250,000 – premises liability (apartment owner)

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Examples of Recent Clients We Helped


Bicycle Accident:
Plaintiff was a thirty nine year old former marine who specialized in reconnaissance missions during the First Persian Gulf War. Plaintiff was riding his bicycle and proceeding eastbound on Hollywood Blvd. in the furthest northbound curb lane (parking lane), when Defendant driving a van and also proceeding eastbound on Hollywood Blvd. in the lane immediately south of the parking lane, suddenly, and without signaling or any other warning, turned right directly in front of the Plaintiff. As a result of Defendant’s sudden and unexpected right turn into a driveway, Plaintiff collided with Defendant’s vehicle and sustained severe and permanent injuries. Plaintiff successfully argued that Defendant violated California Vehicle Code by failing to signal before making a right turn.

Pedestrian Accident:
Plaintiff was walking in a marked crosswalk in the City of Los Angeles when Defendant who was making a left turn collided with Plaintiff. Plaintiff suffered serious injuries to his back and legs. The case settled for Defendant’s insurance policy limits.

Red Light Violation:
This accident happened at the intersection of Bristol Street and Memory Lane in the City of Orange. Defendant was stopped at a red light in the eastbound number one left turn/straight option lane on Memory Lane at Bristol Street, planning to go straight. Defendant admitted in the police report that for a few seconds he was “looking down in his vehicle, not paying attention.” And, as he looked up and observed the left turn signal turn green, he mistakenly accelerated into the intersection and violently T-boned a vehicle driven by the Plaintiff. Plaintiff was transported to the hospital via an ambulance and suffered injuries to her back. Plaintiff successfully argued that Defendant failed to stop at a red light.

Pedestrian Accident:
This case involved a pedestrian versus a vehicle that occurred on Church Street as it intersects with Clipper Street in the city of San Francisco. The intersection between said streets is controlled by marked stop signs and designated crosswalks. At the time of the accident, Plaintiffs were walking eastbound on Clipper Street inside the crosswalk crossing Church Street. Immediately prior to the accident, Defendant — who was 80 years old at the time of the incident — was traveling (in a 2000 Chevy Cavalier) northbound on Church Street approaching the Clipper Street intersection and failed to stop behind a clearly marked stop sign. Plaintiffs successfully argued that Defendant violated California Vehicle Code Section 21950(a).