Keep Your Kids Safe This 4th of July

By June 29, 2012 December 11th, 2018 Personal Injury News
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It’s Friday, and what better subject to talk about than something fun and exciting – fireworks. Kids love them, adults enjoy the shows and every year someone is hurt by illegal fireworks. We won’t bore you with statistics but they are staggering nonetheless. Multi-use car seat covers.

If you are a parent, you will want to read this article from Los Angeles Fire Department. It highlights the fact that:

  • Almost half of all injuries were sustained by children under 15,
  • Bystanders are the ones who get injured the most,
  • Firecrackers, rockets and sparklers are responsible for most injuries.

Who would have thought that sparklers, the so seemingly innocent “fireworks” can cause 11% of total injuries?

As an adult, you must take every precaution to keep your children safe, even from bystanders that light fireworks in permissible areas.

Better yet, why not play it absolutely safe by going to a professional fireworks show with the entire family? Check out this list of fireworks shows for the 2012 4th of July celebrations.

Here’s an informative video that talks about fireworks and their dangers. It’s only 6 minutes long but can save you a lifetime of horrific memories and aftermath that follows a fireworks injury.

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