How much more dangerous is travel over the Labor Day holiday?

heavy freeway traffic

There’s no doubt many of you are traveling this Labor Day weekend. As a means of promoting safety, many places online are reminding people of common safety tips to consider while traveling. But one must wonder – are roads really that much more dangerous over Labor Day holiday?

The National Safety Council (NSC) shares some data to answer this question:

  • The number of nonfatal medically consulted injuries that will result from crashes during the holiday period is 40,500 with a range of 33,600 to 48,500.
  • The average number of traffic deaths during Labor Day over those six years (2005-2010) is 12.5% higher than the average number of traffic deaths during the comparison periods – 452 vs. 402 deaths. (periods prior to and after the holiday)

The data is inconclusive.

Unless there is a way to measure how many more miles are being driven during the holiday period, it is difficult to say that the 3 day period is more dangerous for driving than the periods before and after Labor Day holiday. And since there is no way of measuring this that anyone knows of yet, we may never know.

One can assume that more people will take to the road than before or after the holiday. Any time the roads are busier, there are higher chances for accidents. Keeping this in mind, drivers should be aware that everyone is anxious to get to their destination which may result in irresponsible driving.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Keep your car in top working condition. You probably already do so but it can’t hurt to check your fluids, breaks, tire thread etc. Keep in mind your local weather conditions and how they impact your vehicle and your travel.
  • Don’t get frustrated or show your frustration at others. This is particularly difficult to do in Southern California but we’re telling you now so you can plan ahead! You know full well there will be delays, so plan to be stuck in traffic. Hey, it’s California, we all have to deal with it – so the sooner we accept it the less angry we’ll be behind the wheel.
  • Plan ahead and be prepared for emergencies. Keep emergency contact numbers nearby in case it comes down to calling for help.
  • Take breaks while driving long distances
  • Obey laws. This is an obvious one yet people tend to break the law in spur of the moment without thinking about it

On that note, Happy Labor Day weekend from Fisher & Talwar! Stay safe, keep cool and have fun!


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