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West Covina, CA Injury Lawyer

Getting hurt in a car accident on the I-10 or in a slip and fall accident at a West Covina retail establishment is more common than you might think. While we rarely prepare for the possibility of a serious accident with injuries, injuries can occur almost anywhere in Southern California. While some injuries do not involve another at-fault party, it is common for someone else to be the cause of your recent injuries. For example, a distracted or impaired driver may have caused the recent collision in which you sustained serious injuries, or a property owner may have failed to repair a dangerous condition on the premises, resulting in a slip and fall accident or an escalator injury. Hotels and motels in Southern California can be responsible for many kinds of premises liability injuries, including slips, trips, and falls as well as many swimming pool accidents.

No matter what kind of accident caused your injury, it is important to know that an experienced West Covina, CA injury lawyer at our firm can get started on your case. At Fisher & Talwar, we have years of experience representing clients in a wide variety of injury cases in Southern California, and we know what it takes to get a plaintiff the compensation she or he deserves. One of our attorneys can analyze the specific facts of your case today and discuss moving forward with an insurance claim or injury lawsuit.

Understanding Common Types of Injury Cases in West Covina, CA

Out West Covina injury lawyers are committed to providing tireless representation to each of our clients, and we routinely serve clients in many different types of personal injury law cases. Some of the most common types of cases we take include the following:

  • Motor vehicle accident claims, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accidents, train accidents, boating accidents, and pedestrian accidents;
  • Premises liability injury claims, including slips and falls, elevator and escalator injury accidents, and swimming pool accident claims;
  • Dog bite injuries and animal attack claims;
  • Product liability lawsuit, which may include dangerous drug claims as well as defective medical device lawsuits; and
  • Wrongful death lawsuits.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in West Covina, California

Motor vehicle accidents are a common source of injury claims and lawsuits in Southern California. Most auto accidents or trucking accidents (or other kinds of motor vehicle collisions) begin with an insurance claim. An injured person may submit a claim to his or her own insurance company (referred to as a “first-party claim”) or through the insurance company of the individual who was at fault (referred to as a “third-party claim”) under California’s fault-based insurance law. When an insurance claim is insufficient to compensate an injured person, that injured party may be able to move on to filing a lawsuit against the responsible party.

West Covina Premises Liability Lawsuits

Premises liability claims can take many forms, but they often involve slip and fall injuries, or injuries that occurred on dangerous elevators, escalators, or swimming pool areas,

California requires property owners, as well as people who rent commercial property, to ensure that the premises are free from serious hazards that could cause an accident. When someone does get hurt because of a liquid spill that did not get cleaned up or a dangerous area of flooring is not repaired in a timely fashion, the property owner may be liable for injuries.

Defective Product Claims in West Covina, CA

There are many types of product liability claims in California, and our West Covina injury attorneys routinely represent clients in dangerous drug and defective medical device claims, among others. In general, there are three types of product liability claims that you may be able to file:

  • Design defect, where the defect occurs in the design of the product;
  • Manufacturing defect, where the defect occurs in the manufacture of the whole product or in the manufacture of one of its parts; and/or
  • Marketing defect, where there is a problem with how the product is marketed and consumers are not appropriately warned about potential risks associated with using the product.

West Covina, California Catastrophic Injury Cases

In many injury lawsuits, we represent clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs), amputations, burn injuries, and fractures. Catastrophic injuries often result in an injury victim losing quality of life and experiencing significant pain and suffering. In many cases, victims of catastrophic injuries cannot return to work due to the disabling condition of their injury, and they require extensive medical treatment. Regardless of how a catastrophic injury occurred, an aggressive personal injury attorney in West Covina can help you to hold the responsible party accountable.

How Much Time Do I Have to File My West Covina Injury Claim?

The statute of limitations on injury lawsuits in West Covina can vary, but the personal injury statute of limitations in most California accident claims is two years. What this means is that a plaintiff has two years from the date of sustaining an injury to file a claim for compensation. There are some exceptions. In certain types of injury claims where the plaintiff did not discover—and not have reasonably discovered—the injury until a significant amount of time passed after the initial injury, the statute of limitations may be extended. In these types of cases, the plaintiff may have one year from the date of discovering the injury to file a lawsuit.

Contact an Injury Attorney in West Covina, CA

If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in Southern California, you should know that an experienced West Covina injury attorney can help you to seek the financial compensation you need and deserve. While we know it can be extremely difficult to even think about filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit when you are trying to recover physically and emotionally from your injuries, we want to emphasize just how important it is to get started on your case as quickly as possible. As more time goes by, it may be more difficult to obtain the evidence necessary to win your case, and you could risk having your claim time-barred by California law.

The aggressive West Covina personal injury attorneys at Fisher & Talwar are here to help with your case. Contact us to learn more about our experience representing plaintiffs in the area if you have suffered a personal injury in West Covina.

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