Bus Accident Statistics 2013


Note: Although this page has been updated in 2013, the most recent statistical data available is for the year 2011.

There is no doubt the number of accidents that occur while driving on the road in America are constantly increasing every year. Injuries and deaths accumulate until the end of every year, only to start the count over again for the next year. Even public transportation vehicles experience crashes every year, but they are relatively low compared to everyday drivers. Bus accident statistics, for example, are lower than the average statistics for car accidents. Only 24,000 people experience injuries from bus crashes annually in America. Some states experience more bus crashes than others, like California, for example. California is one of the worst states in the nation when it comes to bus crashes.

Major Causes of Bus Crashes

Driving accidents are virtually impossible to avoid 100% of the time, but there are plenty of examples of how bus drivers can be at fault for an accident. One of the leading causes of bus accidents is the failure of the driver to see another vehicle on the road. Buses are big and bulky, which produces various blind spots that make it difficult for the bus driver to see everything around them. Another major contributor to bus accident statistics involves inadequate training. Some bus drivers are not properly trained enough, which is a frequent factor found in a lot of lawsuits that involve bus crashes. Poor maintenance of a bus is also a major contributor to bus accidents that occur annually.

2011 Bus Accident Statistics (Most Recently Available Data)

  • 283 – number of people killed in 2011
  • 24,000 – number of people injured

Annual Bus Accident Statistics

  • Every year, 360 million people take the bus for one reason or another.
  • A combined 28 billion miles are traveled by bus passengers every year.
  • There are 30,000 commercial buses on the road in America alone.
  • Every day, there are 450,000 school buses on the road.
  • 12,000 injuries annually are experienced by children on school buses.
  • Around 11 children die each year from a bus accident.

Understanding Liability – Requirements of a Bus Driver

Understanding liability issues is the first step towards determining who’s to blame. A bus driver should be fully qualified and well trained before operating a bus. Operating a commercial bus, school bus, shuttle bus, or any type of public bus, for that matter, will require training. Bus drivers are responsible for their passenger’s lives, and if a driver is found liable, they will be accountable for any damages caused by a bus crash.

Simple Steps to Protect Your Rights after a Bus Accident

The first and the most obvious step to take after a bus crash is filing a report. Reports should be filed with local law enforcement, like the sheriff’s department or the highway patrol. Obtaining detailed information from everyone involved in a bus accident is important as well. Take pictures of the accident and any injuries that you or other passengers may have experienced. Never sign any document until you speak with your lawyer in order to avoid deceptive contracts. Seek out medical attention right way, and obtain copies of all medical records pertaining to the injuries received from a bus accident.


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