Contingency Lawyer – No Win No Fee

For our personal injury clients we work on a contingency basis, you will be glad to hear that our firm offers such fee structure.

No win no fees arrangement allows people who typically cannot afford paying an hourly fee for attorney services to hire the best attorneys, especially when burdened by expenses of medical bills and other injury costs.

What does no win, no fee mean?

The term no win no fee is literally describing the type of attorney payment arrangement that is applied, should you retain the attorney.

If your lawyer does not win your case, you do not pay any attorney fees. That is to say that you pay no up-front fees until your case reaches a verdict in court or settles in your favor.

Our Guarantee to You

All of our clients enjoy the benefit of contingency agreements. We promise not to charge any attorney fees unless you get your money. Furthermore, we waive fees and costs associated with your case.

  • No up-front costs (we will start on your case right away without you having to pay anything)
  • Free, confidential consultation (If you have questions, we’ll answer them – for free. No surprise bills in the mail.)
  • No win, no fee (you only pay when you get money)
  • All costs are waived (you will not be obligated to reimburse any of our costs, this is not something all firms can offer)

Do all attorneys offer contingency fee agreements?

Business and contract attorneys typically do not use contingency fee agreements and work strictly on an hourly basis since the outcome of their services may not result in any type of financial outcome.

Personal injury lawyers most often work on contingency basis because this provides flexibility for any individual to hire the most knowledgeable and experienced attorneys without worrying about fees. This way, a person who has been severely injured doesn’t have to choose between an attorney who specializes in personal injury and a recent law school grad that may have no experience whatsoever.

When you need the best legal representation, the no win no fee arrangement works in your favor.

Fees vs. Costs

What most people don’t realize when they search for a contingency fee attorney is that the attorney fees and incurred costs are two different things.

Court costs, investigative costs and other expenses associated with working on a personal injury case can be passed onto a client if the case is unsuccessful, leaving that person liable for making payments. Just because an attorney fee is waived doesn’t mean you are off the hook for paying anything.

Exception: Third Party Costs (Liens)

It is important to note however, that any costs incurred with third parties (such as chiropractors, doctors or any other medical providers) are responsibility of the client. This is standard practice no matter who you talk to.

Free Consultation

Some people are afraid to speak to a lawyer about their injuries because they think a surprise bill will come in the mail. Rest assured that our consultations are completely free. We encourage you to send us your questions and comments via email or by calling us (213) 891-0777. We will review your circumstances in confidence and explain your rights and options. You will be under no obligation whatsoever to hire us.