College Student Drivers Exempt from Texting Dangers

Texting While Driving

A recent study in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management indicates that college students feel exempt from the dangers of texting while driving. Test subjects demonstrated the mentality of “this applies to everyone but me” when it comes to dangers of sending texts behind the wheel. Results of the study also indicate that male college students are more likely to engage in this risky behavior than female students. It appears that college male drivers consider themselves to be more proficient behind the wheel than everyone else.

Unlike the public campaign against drinking and driving the texting while driving message has not embedded itself into the minds of young people or adults for that matter. Even though research indicates that this activity is on par with driving intoxicated, few people consider the consequences.

Attorney Matthew Dolman of Dolman Law Group created this public announcement message that does a good job stressing the importance of not texting while driving, as well as possible legal consequences.

The message is clear: Don’t Text and Drive.

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