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How To Handle A Commercial Truck Accident In LA

Being involved in a commercial truck accident can be terrifying. Indeed, large trucks can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds–that’s about 20 times more than the average passenger vehicle. Large truck accidents are not only scary, but they also have the potential to be fatal or to leave those involved with serious injuries. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), nearly one-quarter of all reported large truck accidents result in injuries. If you’ve been in a commercial truck accident in Los Angeles, you may not know what you should do or how to handle the aftermath. At the law offices of Fisher & Talwar, we are here to help. To learn more about how to handle a commercial truck accident and steps to take as soon as possible, call our law firm today.

How To Handle A Commercial Truck Accident: The Logistics

After a commercial truck accident, you may need to take time to heal and care for yourself. While this is strongly recommended, it’s important to remember that you only have so much time after a truck accident to take action to bring forth a claim and gather evidence; if you wait too long, you risk having your claim denied, losing valuable evidence, or even breaching the statute of limitations for your claim. Because there are important logistical steps that need to be taken after a crash, our law firm strongly recommends reaching out to an experienced personal injury lawyer who has worked on truck accident claims in the past. The sooner that you hire a lawyer, the earlier that you can start working on other important elements of the claim process. Other logistical matters you’ll need to a dress include–

  • Gathering evidence from the accident. Gathering evidence after a commercial truck crash can be extremely difficult, especially when your injuries are serious and prohibit you from actively traveling to the scene. That being said, gathering evidence is hands-down one of the most important things to do after a commercial truck accident. If you hire an attorney, your attorney can identify key witnesses, request a copy of the police report, travel to the accident scene, request access to your medical records, send spoliation of evidence letters to the commercial truck company, and more on your behalf. 
  • Filing your claim. Another logistical matter is that of actually filing your claim. This process should begin by calling your insurance company and providing them with notice of the accident. From there, you will likely have an insurance adjuster follow-up with you. This process can be intimidating, as what you say to an insurance adjuster could be used against you. It will be important to have legal representation as you navigate the questions and give a testimony of what happened. 
  • Determining fault, damages, etc. In addition to the above, you’ll also need to determine fault for the accident, liability (which is based on fault), and the total value of your damages. Once you know these things, you’ll know what your claim is worth and be able to negotiate your settlement. Like other elements of your claim, an attorney can represent you during settlement negotiations, too. 

How To Handle A Commercial Truck Accident: Your Health & Wellbeing

In addition to the many logistical tasks that you’ll need to accomplish after a truck accident, it’s also very important to prioritize your physical and mental health and wellbeing after a crash. To be sure, part of “how to handle a commercial truck accident” may involve seeking psychological health services; truck accidents can be extremely traumatizing. If you are in a truck accident, seeking medical care should be a top priority. For traumatizing accidents that have the potential to result in psychological harm, such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or anxiety, our lawyers strongly recommend meeting with a counselor or psychologist after a crash, too.

Call The Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers At Fisher & Talwar Today

To learn more about being involved in a commercial truck accident and how to handle the aftermath of this accident type, please reach out to our passionate Los Angeles commercial truck accident lawyers at the office of Fisher & Talwar. Our lawyers empathize with what you’re going through and know how catastrophic truck accidents often are. We have years of experience working on personal injury and truck accident claims and know what’s necessary to begin building your case and improving your chances of a fair settlement. To learn more about our process and how we can help you, please call us today for a free consultation.