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I Was In A Pedestrian Accident In Los Angeles: How Do I Know I Am Hiring The Right Lawyer?

Pedestrian accidents tend to be a little more complex than typical car accidents. For this reason, it is vital that injured victims have confidence that they have hired the right lawyer for the job. California has thousands of lawyers. How do you know which one is right for you?

At Fisher & Talwar, our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys have negotiated favorable settlements for many clients, and we understand the process inside and out. We encourage all accident victims to schedule a free consultation to find out more about our services. If you choose us as your lawyers, we can discuss the next steps.

Ask The Lawyer About His Experience With Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are unique in many ways:

  • Victims tend to suffer more serious injuries, which means more compensation is in play. Many insurance companies will fight more aggressively when there is more money on the line.
  • The person who struck a pedestrian might not have insurance. This is true when a pedestrian is hit by a bicyclist or someone on a scooter.
  • Pedestrians are often victims of hit and run accidents, so identifying the culprit takes more legwork.

For these and other reasons, you want an attorney who has handled multiple pedestrian accident cases. In a consultation, ask the lawyer how many cases they have handled. Although a novice lawyer can still provide good representation, it’s better to go with someone who has some experience in these types of collisions.

Ask about Their Results

No lawyer can guarantee any result, and you should run (not walk) from a lawyer who acts as if you can’t lose your case. However, the lawyer should be able to discuss previous cases they handled and the types of settlements or jury verdicts they obtained. This information can give you some idea of the commitment lawyers have to their clients.

Discuss The Lawyer’s Trial Experience

Most pedestrian accident cases settle out of court, but not all of them can. When settlement negotiations fail, a lawyer must head into court to vindicate his client’s rights. At Fisher & Talwar, we are not afraid of litigation and take any step necessary to get our clients the compensation they need.

When meeting with lawyers, discuss their trial experience. No personal injury lawyer has as much experience as a criminal defense lawyer. But the person you hire should be unafraid of the courtroom and understand trial procedure.

Also discuss the likelihood of whether your case will settle or go to trial. Your attorney is a counselor who should help you understand all the angles to your case.

Check How Comfortable You Feel With The Lawyer

The attorney-client relationship is built on trust, and you will probably be unhappy with a lawyer if you do not have confidence in him. The best attorney-client relationships have open communication as their foundation.

During a consultation, ask yourself how comfortable you feel with the lawyer. Do you feel free to ask any questions? Does the lawyer describe information in a way that you can understand? Is the lawyer a good listener?

If you don’t feel comfortable with the attorney, you should continue to meet with other lawyers for a free consultation. Trust your gut.

Ask Any Questions You Have

The purpose of a consultation is to get the information you need to make an informed choice about hiring the right lawyer for you. We can’t tell people ahead of time what they need to know; this is an individualized choice.

However, many people want to know the following:

  • How the lawyer communicates. Are they easy to get in touch with? Who will the client speak to when they call the office? The lawyer? An assistant? A paralegal?
  • The likelihood of success. Is this a tough case that could go either way, 50/50? Or is the evidence strongly in your favor?
  • How the lawyer charges for their services. Does the office use a contingency fee agreement? What are the details? How do you pay for the costs of the lawsuit, such as filing fees and deposition costs?
  • When you will receive money. Being injured in an accident is a difficult experience because bills do not stop arriving even though you cannot work. Ask the lawyer for an estimated timeline.

A lawyer should freely address the questions you have. If the lawyer seems evasive, then look elsewhere.

We Are Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyers In Los Angeles

Let our team be your voice in negotiations following a pedestrian accident. Contact Fisher & Talwar today to schedule a free consultation.