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Injured at the Staples Center

Perhaps the only thing more painful than watching the Lakers miss the playoffs with Lebron is suffering an injury or getting sick while at the Staples Center. At Fisher & Talwar, we have helped many people obtain compensation from an accident that befell them while at the Staples Center, and we can help you too. Please reach out to us to discuss your case.

More on the Staples Center

The Staples Center has been a figure in Los Angeles for over 20 years. It hosts professional sports teams as well as concerts and has served as the host for the Grammy Awards and the 2000 Democratic National Convention. In total, more than 200 events are held at the Staples Center each year. The Center will also feature prominently in the Olympic Games when they return to Los Angeles in 2028.

The Staples Center is owned and operated by Anschutz Entertainment Group and the Arturo L.A. Arena Company. With millions of people visiting each year, it is unsurprising that some people might be injured.

Common Accidents

Based on our experience, some of the more common accidents at the Staples Center can include:

  • Slip and fall accidents. You could trip over something on the floor where it shouldn’t be, such as an electrical cord, box, or debris. Or you could slip on something slick, like spilled liquids or condensation. After taking a tumble, many people suffer serious injuries including fractures or concussions.
  • Falls from a skybox. In November 2010, a two-year-old boy fell from a luxury box and died after a Lakers basketball game. The child fell from the third tier and landed in a row of empty seats. There was a glass partition at the front of the skybox, but the child managed to get over it
  • Falling debris. Although the center is fairly new, there is always a possibility that debris can fall from the walls or the ceiling. Items could also rain down from the skyboxes onto people seated below.
  • Unsafe seats. A seat could collapse or otherwise injure you.
  • Elevator accidents. An elevator could malfunction, leading to devastating injuries.
  • Defective products. Other items, particularly in the skybox, could malfunction and end up hurting people.
  • Food poisoning. Any food sold at the Staples Center should be properly prepared from safe ingredients. Mishandled food or unsanitary conditions can lead to contamination and food poisoning.
  • Violence. The Staples Center should be secure and safe for all visitors. Unfortunately, violent attacks can happen, either in the bathrooms or in the stands. If you have complained about harassing conduct, then management should remove someone.

Regardless of how the accident occurred, people can suffer serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Call an ambulance, if necessary, to come pick you up, if necessary, otherwise, you can ask someone to take you to the hospital.

Bringing a Lawsuit

California’s premises liability law requires that those who own, possess, or control property keep it in a reasonably safe condition. This means repairing hazards but also investigating the property to uncover anything that could pose a hazard now or in the future.

The entities that operate the Staples Center must make the premises safe for visitors. The exact steps they must take will depend on the circumstances. For example, the parents of the boy who fell from the skybox have sued alleging that the barriers were inadequate. If you were attacked by someone in the bathroom, then you might allege that the Staples Center needs better security to protect the safety of guests.

Few people know whether they have a valid legal claim, so meeting with an attorney is an important first step. Our Pasadena premises liability attorneys can review how the accident happened and determine whether you have a claim.

Injured Employees or Vendors

People working at the Staples Center can also suffer injuries for a variety of reasons, including falls, electrocution, overexertion, lack of safety equipment, and aggressive members of the public. Suing for compensation as an injured worker can be more complicated than if you were in the stands as a fan.

For example, you probably can’t sue your employer for negligence due to California’s workers’ compensation law. But another entity might be to blame for the conditions that led to your accident. It is best to discuss your case with an attorney so you can pursue all possible avenues of compensation.

Identifying Who to Sue

Although the Anschutz Entertainment Group and the Arturo L.A. Arena Company run the Staples Center, they might not be the correct party to sue for your injuries. For example, if you suffered food poisoning, you might need to sue the vendor that prepared and served the food, since they had a duty to prepare food properly for sale.

In other situations, maintenance and cleaning crews or other property owners might be to blame. If a defective product injured you, then it might make sense to sue the manufacturer of the product.

So many companies are operating at the Staples Center that identifying the party to blame for your injuries could require extensive investigation. Nevertheless, this is a vital step in any lawsuit. If you sue the wrong party, then you can lose your case and end up with no compensation.

In some accidents, more than one entity might be to blame. For example, a construction crew might have been careless, but the operator of the Staples Center knew about the crew’s shoddy work but didn’t warn the public.

What to Do after an Accident at The Staples Center

You need high quality evidence to prove that you were injured due to someone’s negligence. Evidence includes:

  • Any incident report filed
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Medical records
  • Photographs of the hazard that contributed to or caused your accident
  • Surveillance footage

Your attorney can help you collect all the necessary evidence and put it in an order that makes sense. Your attorney should also handle communications between you and the insurance companies that will come involved once Staples finds out you were injured.

You Can Receive Compensation for Your Personal Injury in the Staples Center

If you have been injured at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, reach out to a personal injury lawyer right away. Many of our clients have received compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. To get started, schedule a free consultation today.