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Ventura, CA Defective Products Lawyer

Anytime you go to the store, order something online, or purchase something from a mall or retail center, you do so because you have a reasonable expectation that the product will improve your life in some way. The last thing that you ever expect when you exchange money for a good is that the good will cause you harm. Unfortunately, though, this is precisely the experience for victims of defective products and, in some cases, defective products can be so dangerous that they actually cause fatal injuries. 

At the law office of Fisher & Talwar, our Ventura, CA defective products lawyer cares about you, and knows how frustrated, confused, and nervous you may feel if a defective product causes you harm. To learn more about your options and how to hold the responsible party liable, please call our Ventura, CA defective products lawyer today for your free consultation. 

Types of Product Defects

A product can be defective in three different ways.

  • Manufacturing defect. When a product is defectively manufactured, it means that the inherent design and intended purpose of the product are safe, but that something happens during the manufacturing process to render it unsafe. For example, if the screws are loose on a chair, it may collapse under the weight of a human; or, if a vehicle’s tires are put together with contaminated adhesive, they may experience tread separation. 
  • Design defect. Some products are simply designed in a way that is unsafe, and these products are inherently dangerous as a result. For example, a dresser that tips over easily may have a design defect, as may a vehicle that is “top heavy” and therefore is at an increased risk of rolling over. When a vehicle is defectively designed, it is not safe for use. Design defects can also affect pharmaceutical products that have side effects that are more severe and dangerous than the condition that the product is originally intended to treat.
  • Labeling and warning defects. Finally, the third type of defect is a labeling or warning defect. A labeling or warning defect exists when a product fails to provide a user with proper information about how to use the product safely, or any risks (or side effects) of using the product. For example, if a product shouldn’t be used around water as doing so increases the risk of electrocution, the label should clearly state this; if it doesn’t, the product is defectively labeled. 

Examples of Defective Products

Product defects can exist in a wide range of product types. Examples of defective products include:

  • Furniture;
  • Household items;
  • Clothing;
  • Automobiles;
  • Electronics;
  • Medications, both prescription and over-the-counter;
  • Recreation equipment; and
  • Household cleaners; 
  • More. 

Who’s Liable for Injuries Caused By a Defective Product?

When a defective product causes a consumer harm, the very first step in determining liability is to determine whether the product had a manufacturing, design, or labeling defect. Parties who might be held liable include:

  • The product designer (i.e. parent company);
  • The product manufacturer;
  • The product distributor; or
  • Anyone along the distribution change who knew of the product defect yet distributed the product regardless.

When you hire our Ventura, CA defective products lawyer, our law firm will start by thoroughly investigating your case. Not only will we gather evidence relevant to your claim, but we’ll also work to uncover any similar cases of injuries like yours involving the same product. In some cases, it may make sense to bring a class action suit against a product manufacturer or distributor – this is especially common in cases involving defective pharmaceutical products. 

Note that the statute of limitations for products liability claims is two years from the date that the injury occurred. If you wait longer than two years to file your claim, you can be barred from recovery .

Call a Ventura, CA Defective Products Lawyer Today

Being harmed as a result of using a product can be a shocking experience, especially if your injuries are serious and your damages significant. At the law offices of Fisher & Talwar, our Ventura, CA defective products lawyer can represent you in your claim for damages. We know how important it is that you recover the settlement that you need to pay for your losses, and we can help. When you call our law firm, you’ll get personalized attention and lawyers who care about you.

To schedule your free consultation with our Ventura, CA defective products lawyers, please call our law firm directly or send us a message telling us more about your case. We offer free case consultations. 

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