Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Business disputes between shareholders and partners can disrupt a business operation and ultimately affect profit margins. Our business litigation attorneys at Fisher & Talwar have a great deal of expertise in addressing business conflicts between members, partners, and shareholders. We can develop innovative and powerful claims and/or defenses thanks to our understanding of corporate and contract law.

Our Firm Handles Partnership and Shareholder Disputes in Southern California

Our skilled partnership dispute attorneys at Fisher & Talwar offer a thorough strategy that includes using alternative dispute resolution procedures like mediation or arbitration to settle disagreements before a trial. Our successful approach includes understanding the factors that created the shareholder or partnership dispute such as:

Our firm’s business litigation lawyers are aware of the stakes involved in partnership or shareholder conflicts. While attempting to reduce any potential legal or financial repercussions, our meticulous attention enables us to uncover workable solutions.

When necessary, we work with forensic accountants to estimate the scope of the partnership or shareholder dispute’s losses.We evaluate the cost and benefit of resolving disputes through negotiated settlements or arbitration over litigation. At every stage of litigation, our partnership dispute attorneys seek to preserve our business clients’ interests by preventing a long, drawn-out courtroom battle. When a trial is unavoidable, we are prepared to successfully litigate the case before a jury or judge.

Protecting Our Clients’ Best Interests in Shareholder Derivative Claims

If a shareholder identifies abuse of power by officers or directors of a company, and the company refuses to take any action, the shareholder can file a lawsuit on behalf of the corporation. This type of claim is known as a derivative action. Our legal team has an extensive background handling shareholder derivative claims on behalf of shareholders and corporations. We understand the specific procedures that must be followed when filing a shareholder derivative claim and know the right steps to take in securing our clients’ best interests.

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