Contract Law Resources

Below is a list of resources for learning about contracts and conducting research into specific cases. Although we tried to do our best in compiling this list, we are not responsible for the content of the linked pages. We are in no way affiliated with any of the below sources and cannot vouch for the accuracy of the linked information. This material is intended for educational purposes only. You may link to this page at any time.

Resource Description Link
Online Database
Cornell University Law School Contract definitions, overview and in-depth resources. Website
FindLaw – Commercial Law and Contracts Case examples for various contract law areas. Website
Contracting and Organizations Research Institute A vast library collection containing over 690,000 contracts for your research. Website
Law Reviews / Journals
ABA Section of Public Contract Law American Bar Association Website
ContractsProf Blog A popular contracts blog by law professors from various Universities. Website
Business Contracts from SEC Filings (California) Hundreds of sample contracts and agreements including state-specific documents. Website
Virtual Chase by Justia Destination for legal research, including blog entries by law librarians. Website
Pace University School of Law International scholarly writings, case law search and other law links. Website
Georgetown Law – Contract is not a Promise Scholarly publication on contracts by Randy E. Barnett of Georgetown University Law Center (2011). Website
Contract Theory and the Limits of Contract Law Contract theory paper by Alan Schwartz of Yale Law School and Robert E. Scott of Yale School of Management. Website
Amazon Find contract books, guides and educational material on Website
Barnes and Noble More books, also available in downloadable formats for e-reader devices. Website
Presentations PPT/Slideshare
Overview of Contracts A presentation on contracts. Website
Introduction to Contract Law and Theory More information on contract law. Website
Contract Law Express Terms Additional resources. Website
Elements of a Contract Additional resources. Website
Contract Definitions Additional resources. Website