Parking Lot Accidents and Injuries

Common Injuries from Parking Lot Accidents

Injuries happen in parking lots on a regular basis. There are several conditions and circumstances that can contribute to these accidents and injuries including:

-Uneven surfaces or cracks in the parking lot’s pavement due to lack of proper maintenance
-Spills of various fluids causing a slippery surface
-Improper or insufficient snow removal resulting in layers of ice
-Unmarked or poorly marked speed bumps or steps
-Inattentive drivers and pedestrians
-Vehicle blind spots while backing out of parking spaces

Parking Lot Slip and Fall Injuries

Even non-vehicular parking lot accidents can lead to very serious medical conditions. Slip and fall injuries can range in severity, but even seemingly simple falls can make a person’s life more difficult afterwards. Common injuries from slips include:

-Broken bones
-Head injuries
-Neck injuries
-Dislocated joints
-Muscle sprains and pulls

What Should You Do

If you have been injured in a parking lot you need to do the following:

-Thoroughly document the circumstances causing the fall
-Gather information and testimonies from any witnesses
-Obtain a video of the parking lot surveillance video if available
-Keep close record of the medical expenses you pay as a result of the fall

For more on elements of successful slip and fall cases read here:
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Slip and Fall in Home Depot Parking Lot

In the video, Vibhu Talwar recounts a slip and fall case he represented. The client parked at a Home Depot parking lot where another vehicle had been leaking transmission fluid. His client stepped out of her vehicle into the fluid and consequently slipped, breaking her tail-bone.

Mr. Talwar’s aggressive legal representation won his client’s case. The settlement amount was substantial enough to not only cover the medical expenses but be able to put away money for retirement purposes.

How Can I Know if I have a Case

People who have been injured in a parking lot may be entitled to compensation. Call the lawyers at Fisher & Talwar and get the legal guidance you need. You might have a case, find out today!

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