Slip & Fall Accidents

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Slip & Fall Accidents

Many Los Angeles residents shop regularly at Target stores in Southern California, and no one expects to get hurt in a slip and fall accident. There are more than a dozen Target locations throughout the Los Angeles area. Some of these stores are stand-alone buildings, while others are located within larger shopping malls. Some Target stores are SuperTarget stores, which are “hypermarkets” that include grocery stores within them, according to an article in Curbed Los Angeles. SuperTarget stores, as well as regular, multi-floor Target stores throughout the Los Angeles area, are very large retail spaces that are hundreds of thousands of square feet, the article explains. Indeed, the three-story Target in Glendale is about 180,000 square feet, while the Moreno Valley SuperTarget is over 186,000 square feet.

While Target shopping centers can have a lot to offer customers and employees, they can also be sites for serious slip and fall accidents. Both customers and employees alike can get hurt in slips and falls at Target stores, and these incidents can occur inside or outside the store. Sometimes slip and fall accidents happen in an aisle inside a Target store, while some falls occur outside in the parking lot. It is important to keep in mind that many Target slip and fall accidents happen because of another party’s negligence. If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, you may be able to file a slip and fall lawsuit and should speak with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents at Target Stores in the Los Angeles Area

How to slip and fall accidents happen at Target stores in and around the Los Angeles area? At a big box retailer like Target, there are many different ways that slips and falls can happen, including but not limited to the following:

  • Freshly mopped or waxed floors;
  • Liquid spill in an aisle or entryway;
  • Uneven flooring;
  • Poor lighting inside or outside the store; and
  • Tripping hazards in an aisle.

Target stores have a duty to customers and employees to maintain the premises in a safe condition in order to prevent slips and falls from happening. Under California law, anyone who owns, leases, occupies, or controls property is “under a duty to exercise ordinary care in the management of such premises in order to avoid exposing persons to an unreasonable risk of harm.” If a property owner or manager fails to exercise ordinary care in managing a Target store, then they may be liable for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident.

What Does Ordinary Care Look Like at a Target Store?

While the law does not assume that a Target store owner or manager will instantly know about a liquid spill in an aisle or will be able to immediately repair a section of damaged flooring in an aisle, the law does require the owner or manager to take steps to ensure that customers and employees do not get hurt. For instance, in the case of a liquid spill in a grocery store aisle at a SuperTarget, the law assumes that a store manager, in exercising ordinary care in his or her job duties, would learn about such a liquid spill in a reasonable amount of time and would clean it up.

While a manager might not learn of a liquid spill immediately, if he or she is performing job duties in a reasonable manner, then the liquid spill should become obvious relatively soon after it happens. There is no specific amount of time that can pass, but you might imagine that a Target store manager, in exercising ordinary care, would learn of a liquid spill within 20 minutes, but perhaps not within only a couple of minutes of its occurrence. As such, if the spill is not cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time after it happens, the store many be liable if a slip and fall occurs.

How about damaged flooring? California law does not require a Target shopping center owner or manager to repair damaged flooring immediately, especially if it will require time and expense. However, the law does require that the Target store manager find a way to warn customers and employees about the slip, trip, and fall hazard that exists. Such a warning might come in the form of a sign that is placed at the area where the tripping hazard exists so that nobody gets hurt.

What to Do if You Sustain Injuries in a Slip and Fall at a Target Store

If you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident at a Target store, you should gather as much evidence as you can at the scene. If you are able to move and can access your smartphone, it is important to take photographs of the area of the store where the slip and fall happened. You should photograph the cause of the slip and fall accident—such as wet floor due to a liquid spill or store products placed in the aisle creating a tripping hazard. You should also get the names and contact information for any witnesses. Their versions of the slip and fall accident can help your premises liability lawyer to build your case.

It is also important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident. According to a fact sheet from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), common injuries in slips and falls include but are not limited to:

  • Fractures, including wrist and hip fractures;
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs);
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) and other neck injuries;
  • Back sprains and strains;
  • Shoulder, arm, and wrist injuries;
  • Ankle and leg injuries;
  • Bruises; and
  • Cuts and lacerations.

The sooner you seek medical attention, the sooner you can begin healing. After you receive medical treatment, you should reach out to a Los Angeles premises liability lawyer to begin the process of filing a claim for compensation.

Contact a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney for Help

When you go shopping at a Target store or start a shift as an employee at a Target store in Los Angeles, you should not have to worry that another party’s negligence will result in a serious and debilitating slip and fall injury. If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident at a Target shopping center, an aggressive Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer can discuss your options with you today. Contact Fisher & Talwar to learn more about filing a claim for compensation.

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