Types of Damages Covered by Slip and Fall Compensation

By May 14, 2012 September 15th, 2016 Personal Injury Questions and Answers

After a slip and fall injury, most people go online to find answers to various questions that come up. One of the most frequent questions that come up in searches is: what type of damages can I expect to be compensated for by hiring an attorney?

Special and General Damages

There are two main categories for damages in a slip and fall case: special and general.

Special damages are those that result directly from the accident and can be estimated with a dollar amount fairly easy.Think medical bills, lost current and future wages, domestic care and other special care needs arising from the injury (i.e. transportation costs when unable to drive.)

General damages are harder to estimate and include things like compensation for pain, suffering, change of lifestyle – all of the things that contribute to our emotional states of comfort and pleasure.

In a minor slip and fall injury, damages may be very easy to estimate if the person is not in any distress. However, severe injuries from slip and fall accidents can require thorough investigation and consideration by your injury attorney.

Can’t I estimate my own damages?


Most people can’t anticipate the price tag of future expenses resulting from an injury due to lack of familiarity with some complex general damage issues.

A personal injury attorney’s experience allows him or her to have a better understanding of what types of expenses a person may encounter. A slip and fall attorney can get you the compensation for things that you may have otherwise weren’t aware of such as “loss of hope” (inability to meet certain life expectations).

Defendant’s insurance company attorneys know that people generally have little understanding about the various types of damages that can be covered.

Defendants count on settling as quickly as possible and to offer compensation for the most basic of damages – special damages.

It is important to not speak with the defendant’s insurance company before hiring an attorney. Nothing should ever be signed in the time gap between the accident and speaking to an attorney. Your quality of life after the accident may vary significantly depending on what type of compensation you can obtain, so there is no reason for you to risk holding the defendant accountable to full extent of the damages.

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