19-Vehicle Pileup In Northern Los Angeles County

19 car pileup

The Daily News yesterday reported on a massive vehicle pileup in Northern Los Angeles County. Looking through the photos of the wreckage it is hard to believe that nobody died. The crushed body of a Volkswagen vehicle doesn’t leave much to the imagination of what could have happened to the driver. The entire scene looked like someone had just stacked cars as pieces of legos – one on top of another.

15 individuals were injured and taken to the hospital, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Two patients were in critical condition, the fire department said. Photo by Rick McClure

Much to my surprise, the accident occurred during broad daylight with perfect road conditions (no rain, fog or snow.) Apparently a pickup truck lost its cargo, a large metal table, and either failed to notice it or didn’t bother to take responsibility after witnessing what happened in the  aftermath. A big-rig adversely crashed into the vehicles causing the massive pileup.

What’s more amazing is that in the Antelope Valley near Agua Dulce  where traffic is typically not as congested as the rest of the notoriously busy California highways, a 19-vehicle pile up could occur! Due to the nature of the accident, a big-rig collided with multiple vehicles causing the disturbing scene. As a reminder to keep drivers safe you should:

1. Always secure your cargo, even if it lying down flat on the bed of the truck.

You just never know when the back hatch will come lose. Although it is unclear exactly how the table made its way out of the truck, one thing is for certain – it wasn’t secured or at least not well enough.

2. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles at all times.

Most of us know to slow down and keep a larger distance from vehicles in front of us in poor conditions. However, even in poor conditions many California drivers in particular disregard the popular 6-second rule. Last year the very first day of rain caused 481 accidents in LA.

I personally witnessed what appeared to be a 5-car pileup on that day, followed by 4 more accident scenes within the same hour of driving. Mention this in the rest of the country and it would be laughable. Yet, the tragedy that results from that many accidents is no laughing matter.

In clear conditions we’ve been told to follow the 3-second rule, yet many in Southern California, particularly in Los Angeles disregard defensive driving.

There is no question that the truck that lost the table is responsible, and that the vehicles following it had little or no chance of avoiding a collision. It is disturbing to hear about a large truck colliding with multiple vehicles, possibly due to the fact that it was unable to stop in time.

Our thoughts are with occupants of the vehicles involved in the accident and their families. Hopefully nobody has sustained life-threatening or permanent injuries.

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