Bone fractures on their own might not entitle you to claim compensation, however, there are varying levels of legal rights an individual possesses when making claims for fracture injuries. Frequently, claims are made after an accident and failed diagnosis of a bone fracture. This type of malpractice gives enough reason to file a lawsuit on behalf of the injured victim.

Experienced Los Angeles Bone Fracture Attorney

Having the proper legal counsel in Southern California can enable you to file a claim for the maximum compensation possible under the law. Without an experienced lawyer, many victims receive very small settlements even though they are suffering from excruciating pain and possibly disfigurement if the fractured bone does not heal properly. Some insurers refuse to settle at all when a victim is not represented by an attorney.

Types of accidents responsible for fractures:

Any traumatic accident can generate so much force that bones break. Our Los Angeles bone fracture attorneys have seen clients injured by:

  • Car accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Birth trauma
  • Assault and battery
  • Dog bites
  • Work-related injuries
  • Recreational activities
  • Sport activities
  • Faulty products

Some fractures are results of medical malpractice where a physician or other medical personnel fail to properly diagnose an injury as a fracture. Victims in malpractice cases are advised to have the best legal representation available to have a proper understanding of their legal rights.  Contact our bone fracture attorneys now to get professional help your case needs.

Bone Fracture Complications

Ideally, a bone fracture will be swiftly diagnosed and properly treated, usually with a cast to hold the bone in place. If all goes well, a patient’s bone should heal within months, and they can remove their cast and go on their way.

Unfortunately, many complications arise with bone fractures:

  • Malunion. The bones might not be set properly, so they fuse back together at an awkward angle. Malunion can lead to disfigurement and disability. Many patients need a doctor to actually break the bone again so it can be set properly.
  • Compartment syndrome. Some bones slice through veins, which leads to internal bleeding. The blood causes a buildup in pressure, which can cut off blood to other parts of the body and damage nerves. This is compartment syndrome, and a doctor must respond swiftly so that you don’t lose a limb.
  • Compressed nerve. Bone fragments can press on a nerve until they are removed surgically. In other situations, bone shards will slice soft tissue, which then compresses a nerve.
  • Spinal cord injury. Fragments of vertebrae can slice or nick the spinal cord, resulting in impaired movement or sensation. Surgery is often necessary to remove the fragments, and rehab can help you relearn how to walk or use your arms.
  • Pneumonia. If you fracture a rib, then taking a deep breath is difficult. Many people develop pneumonia after a rib fracture, in particular the elderly.
  • Organ damage. Pieces of bone can damage healthy organs. For example, an orbital fracture could compromise the health of your eye.
  • Infection. If you need a pin or plate inserted, then you could pick up an infection while in surgery.

As you can see, fractures are not the simple injury many people imagine. Instead, it could be the first injury that sets off a cascade of other health problems, leading to pain and possibly disability.

Obtaining Compensation for a Fracture

Compensation is possible and should cover medical care to treat the fracture and lost income if you couldn’t work. People who spend hours at their job on their feet, for example, might have to stay home if they fracture a leg or foot since they cannot put any pressure on it.

We also cannot overlook pain and suffering damages. In California, these are non-economic damages that cover things like inconvenience, depression, anxiety, pain, and the inability to participate in hobbies. A fracture that keeps someone housebound causes significant losses to our clients, who deserve compensation to make up for it.

We recommend scheduling a meeting with a Los Angeles bone fracture lawyer to review how much your claim might be worth. Never assume you don’t have a valid case for meaningful compensation.

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