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On any given day, Tinseltown’s streets are full of a wide variety of motor vehicles. Individuals who reside or work in the area and who are going to and from work or running errands must share roadways and highways with commercial vehicles transporting goods throughout the area as well as motor coaches and other vehicles carrying tourists around to see Hollywood’s many tourist attractions. With so many vehicles sharing roads and highways, is it any wonder that car crashes happen in and around Hollywood with regularity?

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety’s website, in 2014 (the most recent year for which figures are available), in the Los Angeles metropolitan area:

  • Over 37,000 collisions occurred that resulted in at least one injury and/or fatality. (This number means that in the greater Los Angeles area, approximately 3,000 injury and/or fatality accidents happened every month – or about 100 per day);
  • Approximately 6,700 collisions in 2014 occurred because (in part) of speed);
  • Another 3,894 collisions were classified as “hit and run,” meaning that the at-fault vehicle left the scene of the accident without waiting for law enforcement and/or speaking with other drivers involved in the crash.

What these statistics do not (indeed, cannot) describe is the financial and emotional impact that a car wreck can cause for you and your family members. Even individuals who are not directly harmed in a car wreck may experience the effects of the crash as their loved ones’ lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering can affect the injured victims’ families. Fisher & Talwar, your Hollywood car crash law firm, understands the pain you and your family are experiencing and can help alleviate some of the financial concerns you may be facing. Contact our office to learn more right away.

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Common Causes of Hollywood Car Wrecks

Speeding is just one type of negligent or careless behavior that can lead to a car wreck in Hollywood. Unfortunately, there are many other types of driving behaviors that can also lead to a car crash. These other behaviors include:

  • Driving while distracted by a cellphone call, text message, social media, or any other distraction that takes the driver’s eyes and/or focus off of the road (even momentarily);
  • Driving while intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs. Even prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications can cause a person to become too impaired to drive. The impairing effects of many drugs are compounded when they are taken with alcohol
  • Driving aggressively by tailgating, passing with insufficient clearance, and/or not looking before changing lanes or trying to “beat” traffic lights. Drivers generally expect other drivers to obey traffic laws and drive in a reasonably careful manner: driving aggressively can cause other drivers to misjudge your intentions behind the wheel, leading to a crash.
  • Operating a defective vehicle, such as a vehicle whose tires are too worn or a vehicle whose braking system is not working properly. These mechanical defects often render a vehicle unable to safely travel down roads, especially roads that are as crowded as Hollywood’s often are.

One of the first steps in recovering compensation after a Hollywood car accident is determining what caused the crash to happen. A driver who engaged in these or other careless behaviors may be responsible for the economic and noneconomic expenses incurred by any injured driver or passenger involved in the wreck. You may be entitled to some amount of compensation even if you yourself engaged in careless behavior before or after the crash occurred.

No Attorney’s Fee Unless We Get You Money

You pay nothing upfront when we take on your case. Since we work on contingency basis, you only pay if you get money. This allows you to focus on treatment and recovery from your accident, while we focus on what we do best.

If you are worried that the attorney fee might not be worth it, then consider the following:

In most situations, the settlement amount negotiated by your attorney is two to three times higher than any money received by an injured person who is not represented by an attorney.

If you are not sure whether or not your claim is worth hiring an attorney for, please give us a call and we will give you free consultation and assist you in evaluating your case.

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Act Quickly After Your Hollywood Car Crash

Your primary concern following a Hollywood car crash is the safety and health of yourself and your passengers. It is usually a good idea to call for an ambulance after a crash and/or visit an emergency room right away, especially if you hit your head during the crash, lost consciousness, or are unsure of how extensive your injuries might be. Be certain that you follow any advice or directions given by your doctor, including returning for follow-up visits as directed and taking any prescribed medicines according to the instructions given.

You should also speak with an experienced and knowledgeable Hollywood car crash lawyer as soon as possible. California law gives injured motorists two years from the date of their crash within which to file a claim for compensation. It is important, therefore, that you obtain prompt representation and file your claim in a timely manner.

The experienced attorneys at Fisher & Talwar are here to assist you in obtaining compensation for your crash-related injuries. Call us at (213) 891-0777 or contact us through our website for prompt assistance with your claim.


If you were involved in an auto accident you probably have many questions. To answer some of the most common questions we’ve heard over the years, we have compiled a list of common auto accident questions and answers. If you have additional questions, please call us for a free consultation.

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Car accident claims and their value depend partly on your decisions immediately following a crash. What you do in those first few moments can drastically change the outcome of your claim and the amount of money you can recover.

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Every year thousands of people are hurt in a car accident. The number of car accident injuries exceeds 3 million annually. Statistics are based on car accident reports, retrieved via NHTSA’s website.

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Before cell phones became common the definition of distracted driving was adjusting the radio in your Honda Accord. Now, parents set example for dangerous behavior by texting and driving while admitting it’s wrong of them to do so. Distracted driving kills, here are the numbers to prove it.

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