Car Accident Statistics 2013



  • 6 million – average number of car accidents every year.
  • 3 million people are injured every year in car accidents in America.
  • Around 2 million drivers experience permanent injuries every year from car accidents.
  • 40,000 people lose their lives every year due to major accidents while driving.
  • 40% of all deaths caused by car accidents involve alcohol.
  • 30% of car accident fatalities are attributed to speeding.
  • Reckless driving accounts for 33% of all deaths involving major car accidents.

Did You Know?

  • Nearly 1 in 3  people surveys admitted to sending and or receiving text messages while driving.
  • Distracted drivers are responsible for 1 in 5 injuries in auto accidents.
  • Montana had the highest auto fatality rate in 2009 (2.0)
  • Massachusetts had the lowest auto fatality rate in 2009 (0.6)
  • 1996 was the least deadliest year for motorcycle riders.
  • 69% of people surveyed admitted to talking on the phone while driving.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and experienced physical and emotional injuries, you are not alone. Drivers who haven’t experienced an accident while driving are surprised when they hear nationwide car accident statistics. A staggering number of people were injured or killed in numerous accidents all across the nation during 2011.

Automobile accidents are often associated with financial struggles because of the inability of the injured person to work and the difficulties paying for medical bills and property damage. However, drivers have plenty of rights they should exercise after a car accident, especially if the other driver is at fault. Hiring an attorney that is experienced in dealing with car accident cases is a way to alleviate the stress caused during the aftermath of an accident.

Average Number of Car Accidents Every Year: 6 million

It shouldn’t be a surprise that every year more cars are found on the roadways due to the increase numbers of people entering the workforce. With an ever increasing amount of vehicles on the road, avoiding an accident becomes more difficult. An average of 6 million car accidents happens every year in the United States. Out of that 6 million, there are several different categories of car accident statistics to take a look at that can include the age of drivers involved, location, deaths, injuries, reckless driving, distraction, and many other elements. One of the recent elements widely known to cause driving accidents is texting while driving. In fact, new legislation is being passed in a number of states that prohibits texting while driving.

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Distracted Driving Resources

Distracted driving is so prevalent that the resources required to make this issue go away are simply too scarce. The best way we can help curtail the number of accidents due to distracted driving is through spreading awareness. This means we must educated ourselves and everyone we care about on distracted driving.

Learn about distracted driving and how to prevent it with these resources:

How to Protect Yourself Legally and Financially

Statistics show that 25% of all drivers can be involved in a car accident within a 5 year period. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the demands for legal representation are quite high. The best course of action for an individual to take in order to be better prepared in case they are involved in an accident is finding a reputable attorney ahead of time. If you’re waiting until you are involved in an accident to find an attorney, it will only add more stress.

These car accident statistics should be a constant reminder about the dangers that lie ahead on the road. Having adequate insurance coverage is no longer enough to protect people’s finances, property, and other elements that are affected by a major car accident. The smartest thing any driver can do is prepare ahead of time is to also find a reputable and dependable attorney in their area.


Updated on: December 16, 2013.