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Ventura, CA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Of all of the states in the nation, California may be the one where riding a motorcycle is the most ideal. Indeed, with good weather year-round and motorcycle-friendly laws (such as the ability of motorcyclists to lane split), riding a motorcycle in California can be highly enjoyable. But good weather or not, motorcyclists are never not at risk of a collision. In fact, every year, there are hundreds of motorcyclists killed in collisions. 

At the law office of Fisher & Talwar, we understand how terrifying it is when you’re hit by a car as a motorcyclist. As you recover from your injuries and think about your options, our lawyers will be by your side to assist you. For your free consultation, please call our lawyers at your convenience today. 

Top Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In California

Motorcycle accidents almost always happen because the driver of the standard motor vehicle involved doesn’t see the motorcyclist. This may be because the driver doesn’t check their blind spots, the driver fails to look before lane-changing or proceeding through an intersection, the driver is distracted, or because the motorcyclist performs an unsafe or illegal maneuver. In addition to simply not seeing a motorcyclist, other driver behaviors that can increase the risk of a crash and exacerbate the severity of a crash include speeding, drinking while driving, performing illegal maneuvers, and driving aggressively. The truth is that the vast majority of–if not all–motorcycle crashes could be completely prevented if drivers and motorcyclists exercised a greater duty of care in the operation of their vehicles. 

Injuries From A Motorcycle Accident

When a car and a motorcycle collide with one another, the motorcyclist is the person involved who is at the greatest risk of injury in most cases. This is because a motorcyclist does not have the same safety protections that are provided to occupants of passenger cars, such as a vehicle frame, airbags, and seatbelts. If the crash is serious, the injuries suffered by the motorcyclist may be severe. Examples of potential injuries include:

  • Head, facial, and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Internal injuries;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Limb amputation injuries; and
  • Road burn/road rash injuries. 

The above list is not inclusive, nor does it make mention of the range of psychological injuries that a motorcyclist may suffer, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression following the accident. 

Seeking Financial Compensation After A Motorcycle Crash

Injuries like the ones described above are painful, emotionally draining, physically debilitating, and expensive. Our Ventura, CA motorcycle accident lawyers can assist you in seeking financial compensation after a motorcycle crash. We will aggressively negotiate for your right to compensation, including compensation for the full value of your:

  • Medical expenses. Medical expenses may comprise the bulk of your damages, and can total into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the extent of your injury.
  • Property damage costs. If your bike was totaled in the crash, then you deserve to be compensated for it, as well as any other costs related to damaged property that you have incurred.
  • Lost wages. Serious injuries mean disabilities and an inability to return to one’s job right away, if at all. If you have suffered lost wages and benefits, we will advocate for your right to compensation.
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress. As mentioned above, the injuries that a person suffers in a crash are not just physical; they are often psychological or otherwise intangible, too. You can seek compensation for the full value of your noneconomic damages, including compensation for your pain, suffering, and emotional distress. 

How A Ventura, CA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

While you may feel as though you are fully entitled to compensation for 100 percent of your losses, and while you may believe that the other party was 100 percent at fault for your crash, you’ll need to prove it in order to get the settlement that you deserve. This is where working with an experienced Ventura, CA motorcycle accident lawyer comes in – an attorney can investigate your case, work with experts to add value and strength to your claim, negotiate your settlement, and more. If a settlement cannot be reached, an attorney can represent you in litigation. 

Call Our Ventura Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Today

Understanding your rights as someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident can be confusing and feel overwhelming. When you call our Ventura motorcycle accident lawyers at the firm of Fisher & Talwar, we can start working on your case immediately. Reach us today by phone or online for your free consultation.

New Task Force to Reduce Motorcycle Collisions in Norwalk

Officers from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the City of Norwalk, CA are now working in conjunction with each other on a joint, Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation.  The efforts are aimed at curtailing motorcycle accidents in areas where they are more prevalent, and will specifically target behavior by both vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders that contribute to motorcycle-involved collisions.

According to reports, some of the most common causes of motorcycle-involved accidents include traveling at an unsafe speed, making unsafe turns, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The High Price of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle-involved collisions are generally more dangerous than car-to-car collisions because of the lack of outer protection afforded to the motorcycle rider.  Where a driver in a car is surrounded by a metal frame, airbags, and seat belts a motorcycle rider is completely exposed to the elements of the road.  While many riders make efforts to protect their bodies from the damage of a collision by wearing protective gear and helmets, the use of this gear is not a guarantee that life can be saved.  Several factors will determine the effectiveness of safety equipment, like the speed of travel, the force of impact, terrain, and quality of the safety equipment used.

Because of the high risks involved with riding a motorcycle, both riders and drivers of cars sharing the road with motorcycles must make an effort to ride or drive safely.  Taking the time to operate any kind of motor vehicle with care can save lots of people from serious injuries. According to the CDC, more people ride motorcycles today than ever before.

Victim Compensation

In civil law, a person injured in a motorcycle accident is allowed to seek damages from the individual or entity that caused the injury.  The damages awarded are typically monetary and are designed to “make the victim whole”.  In other words, it is not the purpose of a civil court to punish wrongdoers; it is actually the purpose of a civil court to compensate the victim for his or her injuries, first and foremost.

There is such a thing, however, known as punitive damages.  These damages may be awarded for no other reason than to punish a tortfeasor (one who is accused of a civil offense), and to deter the individual person and society as a whole from conducting the kind of behavior that caused the injury.  Punitive damages are not typically awarded for pure accidents because pure accidents can’t be deterred.  If, however, an accident is caused by a gross and avoidable deviation from a standard of care, then punitive damages may be in order.

Victims of motorcycle accidents should speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to determine exactly what kind of compensation they may be entitled to base on the specific facts of their cases.

In the Event of Death

When a victim of a motorcycle accident succumbs to his or her injuries, compensation is still allowed, however, it is pursued by the survivors of the victim — which usually include the parents, spouse, or children of the victim.  Survivors of the victim are allowed to seek damages to help cover funeral expenses, medical expenses, and certain lost wages if the deceased was a breadwinner, and in some cases, even compensation for the loss of companionship.

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