In 2009 there was almost the same number of pedestrian deaths as there were motorcycle deaths (around 4000-4500). Pedestrians often suffer some of the worst damage when involved in a crash with another vehicle. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable subjects to injury and severe impairment due to the lack of physical protection, safety measures, and the natural frailty of our human bodies.

Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Will Get You the Compensation You Deserve

  • Do you know what you are entitled to when you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident through no fault of your own?
  • How much do you need for hospital and other medical bills?
  • Will you have enough to support yourself and your family if you are unable to work due to your injuries?

Attorney Vibhu Talwar can answer those questions for you. We will address any questions and concerns you may have and if we accept your case you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

In many pedestrian accident cases, the victim is unable to return to work for prolonged periods of time and often cannot work at all due to permanent disability. There is emotional trauma to be addressed in terms of compensation and the degree to which the lives of victims and their families are disrupted. Our pedestrian accident lawyers can represent you or your loved ones to successfully recover the maximum compensation in a pedestrian accident civil suit.

Years of experience have taught us how to handle personal injury cases to get the most for our clients. Unlike other firms, we will personally handle your case from start to finish with your best interests in mind. We realize that insurance companies can be intimidating and will seek to settle quickly – not taking into account the true cost of your injuries both short and long term. Our careful examination of your case will ensure that all of your expenses are covered and that you are sufficiently compensated for the ordeal you’ve been put through.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents Resulting in Lawsuits

There are many different causes of pedestrian accidents, but most involve vehicle collisions with bystanders. Some of the more common bystander collision situations occur when:

  • A driver is distracted, confused or preoccupied
  • Drivers fail to yield
  • Drivers fail to give right of way to pedestrians
  • Drivers lose control of the vehicle due to speeding, lane changes, and poor weather conditions
  • Drivers disobey traffic signals
  • Drivers fail to utilize headlights and fog lights when conditions require to do so

Vehicle-pedestrian collisions create terrible accident scenes where fatalities are frequent. Survivors have a long road to recovery and incur large medical bills in the process, not to mention the pain and disruption of normal life activities.

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