Motorcyclists Should Practice Defensive Driving to Avoid Crashes

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Motorcyclist crashed into a vehicle that was exiting the carpool lane on the southbound 57.

An accident occurred this morning on the southbound 57 between a motorcycle and a vehicle. The man was injured and taken to the hospital after crashing into a vehicle that was exiting the carpool lane.

According to California Highway Patrol, the motorcyclist was going faster than the rest of the traffic while splitting between the carpool and the fast lanes. It remains unclear whether the Toyota Corolla he struck exited the carpool lane illegally or per designated area.

Expect different stories from the rider and the driver of the vehicle, as each is likely to point finger. Despite whoever was responsible for the accident, bikers need to practice defensive driving to the maximum. Splitting lanes is dangerous, as a single tap from a nearby vehicle can crash the rider pretty quick.

Even though all drivers should pay attention to the mirrors and blind spots, bikers in particular should be extra careful when speeding around the fast and the carpool lanes. Lane merging in many people’s opinions is the most dangerous part of driving on California highways – whether it be a merge from the carpool lane or to and from an off-ramp.

There is no doubt bikers who read this will insist that they are much more careful at paying attention than any driver on the road (which is most likely true), however this is a void point when it comes to sustaining actual injuries.

Riders must also remember that lane splitting is not common in all states, and that a driver from another state may have less experience in paying attention to motorcyclists.

The details of the incident and the extent of rider’s injuries will come to light soon enough. Hopefully the rider of the motorcycle is okay and recovers quickly. Pointing of fingers aside, riders should pay particular attention to the vehicles around them since they are simply so much more vulnerable to severe injuries than an occupant of a vehicle.

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