Pedestrian Accidents Not Limited to Busy City Streets

students walking across street

student crosswalk

The last thing on a parent’s mind is that their child will be struck by a vehicle while crossing a school intersection, but that’s exactly what happened at Hemet High School.

Police are investigating an incident where a student ran over a crowd of fellow student pedestrians injuring 8, 3 critically.

The 18-year-old student failed to stop at the crosswalk, driving through a crowd of nearly 30 students.

The incident was witnessed by many and captured on surveillance video. No criminal charges have been pressed and the vehicle is apparently being examined for mechanical malfunctions.

Whatever the cause of the accident, it is a startling reminder that pedestrian accidents can occur anywhere. Hopefully the critically injured students make it through the ordeal to maintain the same quality of life as prior to the injuries.

Fisher & Talwar remind you to pay particular attention to vehicles at crosswalks in order to avoid pedestrian accidents. If you are a parent of a child, please educate them on the importance of paying attention to the traffic even after the traffic light has changed to red.

Image courtesy of Flickr (student crosswalk)

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