Summer Heat, Pools and Safety

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Summer is in full swing in Southern California with temperatures hovering in the 90’s. Like many, your family is likely to retreat to the pool to stay cool. Swimming pools are great for kids; unfortunately they can also be deadly.

A 6-year-old child came close to drowning last night at a Sylmar pool. Luckily the paramedics were able to help the boy with CPR. It is unknown as to what the cause of the accident was just yet.

As parents, it is our duty to protect our children and what better way to keep our kids safe during the summer than to educate them on the safety issues pertaining to swimming pools. Taking simple steps to educate our children, place pool safeguards and working together with our neighbors can mean the difference between a fun time at the pool and a tragic accident.

Make an Effort to Keep Your Children Safe

Take the simple steps to:

  1. Never leave a child unattended near water.
  2. Educate your children about staying safe around the pool.
  3. Tech your kids how to swim.
  4. Install safeguards such as fences and alarms to keep your children safe.
  5. Work together with your neighbors to ensure any accessible pool or spa is kid-safe. is a website dedicated entirely to pool & spa safety. This website has excellent educational resources for parents and families that all parents should take a look at. From simple tips on how to stay safe to interactive games and educational videos for the kids, this website has it all.

Interactive Swimming Pool Game

One of the interactive games at created to educate children on proper safety actions around swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Lawsuits

Families unfortunate to suffer a tragedy often file lawsuits, and for a good reason. Pool drains are some of the most common parts of the swimming pool blamed for accidents. The suction force often immobilizes children, causing them to drown.  Negligent pool owners who owed a duty to the occupant and failed to live up to that duty can also be held liable.

California has a law in place that requires all public swimming pools to have at least two main drains per pump.  Other safeguards like fences are also required, however many property owners fail to comply with state regulations.

Suing the owner for negligence can prevent further behavior that can result in even more injuries or deadly tragedies. Victims are encouraged to figure out who is responsible for a pool accident to avoid delays filing a lawsuit.  Contacting an attorney who understands swimming pool injuries is also a good idea.

Truthfully, you are much better off taking simple preventative measures in the first place, rather than dealing with legal action and possibly a loss in the family. Take some time to visit the linked resources, it’s worth it!

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