Top 10 Injury Blogs – The Search is On


The search for the top 10 injury blogs is on. While writing on topics that may be of use to to people who stumble upon this website, I have decided to find the top 10 injury blogs and compile a list that is worth mentioning to anyone seeking personal injury information and coverage.

Personally, I think the criteria for the best injury blogs should follow as such:

Criteria for the Best Injury Blogs

  1. Great Read – the blawg contains useful information that provides potentially powerful information in the hands of the injured person.
  2. Has Personality – there is a real voice, an individual behind the scene that powers the blawg with a personality – no matter the tone.
  3. Reader Friendly – the blog is aesthetically pleasing, readable, enjoyable and offers more than just dull regurgitated text on a blank page.
  4. Active – the ideal candidate updates their blog frequently, responds to comments, interacts with readers via social media and more.
  5. Bonus: Communal – multiple voices contribute thoughts on various topics. A multi-authored blog that creates a hub of authority where more than one opinion is voiced.

This should be a great start for judging criteria. If there is anything I missed that you think should have been included, please let me know in the comments!

Nominate a Blog

Do you have one in mind? Go ahead and nominate it! You are welcome to nominate yourself if you truly believe your blog fits the criteria. However, the total votes in the comments will make up our top 10 list!

(This post was written by Gene Maryushenko.)

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