Who Knew a Head Injury Could be a Good Thing?


A comment-provoking story came out of Fairland, Indiana yesterday about a boy who was struck in the head while playing games, and taken to a hospital where a tumor had been found in his head.

According to the story, Jacob – a 9 year old was hit on the head while playing kick ball. Days later he began to have severe headaches and vomiting, that’s when his parents took him to the hospital.

Doctors said there was no trauma from the head injury itself, and explained what they had discovered – a golf ball-sized tumor in the brain.

The mass has been removed from the child’s brain and he is expected to recover.

Looking through the Facebook comments on the story – people were showing a lot of support for the child and the family saying things like “Best wishes and good luck to you little guy,” and “Bless his heart. May he have a speedy recovery.”

“Had he not got hit with that kickball, who knows what would have happened,” stated Jacob’s doctors.

This story is just one of few about people who get minor injuries and discover life-threatening ones in the process of being checked out by a doctor.  Having read this, it reminded me of a very important tip injury victims should keep in mind. After an accident, always see a doctor, especially if you have symptoms of an injury.

Every personal injury attorney out there will tell you the same thing – and for a good reason.  Avoiding seeing a doctor can be dangerous for your own well-being as well as for your claim down the road. From a legal point of few, at attorney’s job becomes more difficult to show that his/her client’s injury is directly related to the accident when the client avoids going to the doctor.

Insurance companies like to jump at the opportunity to deny claims saying that the injury is in no way related to the accident. This may seem like no big deal when injuries are minor and require little or no treatment, but when the medical bills begin to mount up later in life – when the injury becomes more prevalent, you may be out of luck. This is why injury attorneys stress the point of seeing a doctor right away. In fact, when you contact an attorney, chances are the first thing they will ask you to do after explaining your situation is to go to the doctor if you haven’t already.

Vibhu Talwar is a Los Angeles head injury lawyer who represents people all over Southern California.

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