Accidents on Metro

The Metro is the Los Angeles public transportation system and consists mostly of buses but also some light rail. The Metro system is a terrific boon to the LA area, allowing tens of millions of people to travel safely and at an affordable price.

However, the Metro system also has its fair share of accidents, which should not be surprising. LA’s roads are incredibly congested, and a bus is just as likely to get into an accident as any other vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the Metro, help is available. At Fisher & Talwar, we represent people injured in Metro accidents, whether they be Metro passengers, other motorists, or even pedestrians. Please call today for assistance.

Causes of Metro Accidents

Metro accidents have many causes, but some accidents are caused by bus driver error. In particular, the driver did not operate the bus in a sufficiently safe manner, which caused injuries to passengers or others on the road.

For example, a bus driver might:

  • Drive too fast to stick to a schedule
  • Jump the curb
  • Pass to closely and strike a bicyclist, motorist, or pedestrian because of impatience
  • Change lanes without checking the blind spot
  • Make turns that are too wide or too narrow, causing collisions

As a result of the driver’s error, an accident results and injures innocent people.

Other accidents are caused by defective buses. For example, you might slip and fall because of the condition of the bus steps, or the doors might close on you, hurting you in the process. Not all accidents involve collisions with motor vehicles but might be caused because of the condition of the bus.

Other accidents might be caused by other motorists, who suddenly stop in front of the bus or end up striking it. It is also possible to suffer an injury in these types of accidents.

Suing the Metro

If a bus driver is to blame, then you can bring a lawsuit against the Metro system. However, suing the government is not the same as suing a private party, like the driver of a passenger vehicle. Instead, the Metro system falls under the California Tort Claims Act, which allows injured victims to sue but only after they jump through certain hoops:

  • The injured person must file a written claim within 6 months of the accident with the appropriate agency. This claim must contain certain information, such as details about the accident and a general description of the damages suffered. The purpose of the claim is to give the state time to investigate and offer a settlement.
  • The injured person must file a lawsuit within a year of having their written claim denied.

Missing these deadlines can result in the victim losing their right to compensation, so it is vital that you hire an attorney who understands how to make claims under the states Act. At Fisher & Talwar, we understand the California Tort Claims Act inside and out and can make sure you submit all required paperwork on time.

What You Must Prove

To successfully receive compensation, you need to establish that the bus driver (or another motorist) is responsible for your injuries. Often, the best evidence can be collected the day of the accident, so we advise our clients to collect the following if they can:

  • Take pictures of the bus and any vehicle involved in the crash. These pictures can help establish who is at fault for the accident.
  • Write down your memories of what happened as soon as possible. It is better to document this information while it is fresh in your mind.
  • Take down the names of witnesses. Did someone else on the bus observe the accident? If so, get their name and contact information (phone and email).
  • Go to the doctor or hospital immediately. Doing so will help create medical records that should establish the extent and scope of your injuries. You should also remember to follow your doctor’s advice. If you fail to, then you might be partially responsible for your injuries.

Your car accident lawyer can use this evidence to help prove who is at fault for your injuries, so contact an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

Compensation Available after a Car Accident

Our clients are eligible for compensation to cover a variety of losses and other harms stemming from the crash. For example, our clients have received money for:

  • Medical treatment, including doctor’s visits, surgery, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, and prosthetics like crutches or wheelchairs
  • Lost wages, if the accident prevented our clients from returning to work
  • Property damage, if the crash damaged property

Finally, many of our clients qualify for pain and suffering damages, which cover different types of intangible harms, such as physical and emotional pain, disfigurement, disability, inconvenience, and reduced quality of life.

To identify how much you can receive, you should meet with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your metro accident lawyer in L.A. will analyze the evidence and strive to accurately assess your losses. After performing this analysis, you will be in a better position to make a claim for compensation from the person or entity responsible for the crash.

Experienced Los Angeles Metro Accident Attorneys in Corona, California

With more people riding on the Metro, accidents are sure to increase in frequency. At Fisher & Talwar, we take pride in helping injured passengers receive compensation for their injuries. We have fought to obtain favorable settlements for many of our clients and know how to drive a hard bargain that maximizes the amount of compensation you can receive.

We are also prepared to take your case to a jury if the state will not settle with you. Lawsuits take skill, but we have handled multiple and know how to present the case the right way so that you can achieve a favorable result.

For more information, please reach out to us today. We offer potential clients a free initial consultation, which they can schedule by calling or contact us online.