Biker Brakes, Struck by Car

motorcycle laying on side after being hit by car

Motorcycle CrashThe injuries sustained by 47 year old Bradford Smith were described as “mild to moderate” by police officials According to reports, Smith was riding his motorcycle on a two lane highway when a 20 year old woman, identified as Amy Hansen, attempted to pass him in her Acura When Hansen pulled out from behind Smith and into the opposite lane, she changed her mind about completing the pass, reportedly for a lack of room, and attempted to fall back in line behind Smith when, for an unknown reason, Smith applied his brakes, and Hansen’s Acura slammed into the back of Smith’s motorcycle.

No citations were issued to either driver, as the incident remains under investigation. This accident occurred on Highway 29 near Napa, California at approximately 11:45 a.m. on the morning of February 11th, 2013.

Safety for Riders

The motorcycle operator in this case is lucky he did not sustain more serious injuries, as motorcycle riders are at an increased risk when they ride their bikes on the open road. To reduce this risk, riders are reminded to always wear appropriate safety gear, like a helmet, whenever they ride. Additional safety gear including long riding pants, sturdy boots, a long sleeved jacket, and sturdy gloves can also go a long way at preventing serious motorcycle injuries. The additional layers of sturdy clothing can protect the skin from deep scrapes and cuts in the event the rider is thrown from his or her bike. Reflective safety gear, worn to illuminate bike riders and pedestrians on or near the road at night should also be worn by motorcycle riders whenever they think they will be riding in low or no light conditions. Making it easy for vehicle operators on roadways and highways to see motorcycle riders can drastically reduce the risk of a motorcycle rider being struck by a motor vehicle. Reflective gear, when worn at night, can increase the visibility of a motorcycle rider by several hundred feet.

A Collective Responsibility

Safety on the highway isn’t just the responsibility of motorcycle riders – it is the responsibility of all vehicle operators. While they’re on the highway, vehicle drivers should always be aware of their surroundings – the best way to become and stay aware is to keep a sober, focused mind behind the wheel. This means staying away from intoxicated individuals before getting in the driver’s seat, and also staying away from distracting behavior like talking on the cell phone, adjusting the radio, eating, etc. While they drive sober and focused, drivers should also scan the road in front of them for upcoming motorcycle riders, pedestrians, stalled vehicles, slow moving vehicles, etc. This way, the driver will have plenty of time to see the potential obstacle and make a plan as to how to maneuver safely around it.

Seeking compensation for major injuries can be a challenge for motorcycle riders, especially if they do not contact a motorcycle accident lawyer right away. As time passes, it can be increasingly more difficult to get the most compensation for an accident claim.

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