Bizarre Semi Truck Accidents

By September 11, 2017 Truck Accidents

Bizarre Semi Truck Accidents

The maximum allowed weight for a U.S. semi trailer is 80,000 lbs and the weight of a small car, truck, or minivan averages to around 4,000 lbs. This means, when fully loaded, a semi trailer can weigh up to 20 times more than its surrounding vehicles. This is why it is so important to not only follow the laws put in place when sharing the road with semi trucks, but to use common sense including:

  • Not following semi trucks too closely;
  • Staying out of their blind spots aka “no-zones”;
  • Allowing semi trucks plenty of room to make wide turns;
  • Not cutting off a semi trucks, they take longer to slow down;
  • And remember to always drive defensively.

In 2014, a study was conducted showing that there were 10.7 fatal semi truck accidents in the United States per million people. The data can seem a bit shocking from afar, but once you take a look at some of the most bizarre semi truck accidents we found, the numbers might make a little bit more sense.

The image below is of a garbage truck crashing through the third floor of a maintenance facility in New York City back in August of 2011. The driver of the garbage truck claims to have lost control which resulted in a nearly fatal accident. Visit this site to read the full article.

I struggled finding an article explaining the next bizarre semi truck “accident” so I decided to make up my own story:

Truck A (the yellow and green semi) has a terrible fear of tunnels. Truck B (the blue and grey semi) knowing of truck A’s fear of tunnels decided to give him a boost.

Think I’m wrong in my assumption? That instead, the drivers of the semi trucks were driving under the influence with a side of road rage? It is a possibility…but I prefer to view the glass half full and this glass says they were being courteous.

Since I seem to have a knack for piecing stories together (referring to the above bizarre semi truck accident) I wanted to give you the chance to analyze and predict a story yourself.

What do you think happened?

I’m sure you’ve been backed up in crappy traffic before but nothing compared to what this guy experienced.

All jokes aside, any time you are behind the wheel you are responsible for your safety and the safety of others around you. Most accidents happen when drivers become careless of the basic safety precautions including:

  • Wearing a seatbelt;
  • Checking your mirrors;
  • Check to make sure your brake-lights and headlights are working;
  • Checking the tread on your tires before driving long distances;
  • And not driving drowsy.

Another huge factor behind traffic accidents is road rage. Check out this example of road rage caught on tape:

Remember the recent statistics, in 2014, 10.7 semi truck accidents in the United States per million people were fatal. If you or a loved one are ever involved in a car wreck involving a semi truck call Fisher & Talwar for a free consultation. They have helped thousands of people in Los Angeles get the help they needed to recover whether it was for medical bills or compensation for the injured while missing work recovering from severe injuries. Contact a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles today and get the help you deserve.

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