Entangled Clothing Responsible for Motorcyclist’s Death

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Today, the CHP reported a fatal motorcycle crash near Pyramid Lake when a piece of clothing got stuck in the rear wheel of a motorcycle. A man from Ojai, 59 years of age was declared dead in the hospital.

Apparently, the article of clothing was tied to the passenger backrest when it became dislodged and tangled in the rear spoke.

The incident is quite tragic in nature and our sympathies go out to family and friends.

This is not the first time an article of clothing has caused a motorcycle crash this year. Earlier in July, a motorcyclist from Maine suffered non-life-threatening injuries when his shirt or jacket, tied to the motorcycle got caught in the rear wheel. Luckily for him, the rider was wearing a helmet.

Motorcyclists typically take good care to stay safe on the road. Most if not all realize the dangers posed by bigger vehicles and act accordingly (although there are exceptions.) Something as seemingly innocent as a piece of clothing most likely escapes the minds of many.

A more horrific accident involving clothing entanglement occurred in 1927 when Isadora Duncan, a San Francisco native dancer was strangled in a car when her scarf caught in the rear spoke.  The woman was thrown out of the vehicle, hitting the road and instantly dying upon impact. Miss Duncan truly loved her scarves, but little did she know one would bring her demise.

What can we make of this and why is it worth mentioning?

Why do the stories like those above need to be regurgitated over and over by the blogosphere? Tragedies are not reported for entertainment, there is often a lesson to be learned from one aspect of the accident or another. Shining a light on a sad event will dampen anyone’s spirit but it may also save a person’s life.

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