Swimming pools are areas of recreation where we escape to during the hot summer days for some fun and refreshment. Unfortunately, even relaxing places like swimming pools pose serious dangers if not supervised properly. Every year people sustain injuries in pools and some even become victims of wrongful death. No matter the location of the pool, be it a home, a public park or a hotel – owners may be held liable for injuries sustained in their swimming pools. Attorneys Fisher & Talwar represent swimming pool injury clients all over Southern California.

Do You Know Your Legal Rights?

You may not know it, but under certain circumstances of pool owner’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation. The following are some of the causes of pool injuries and wrongful deaths in Southern California:

  • Inadequate warning signs of depth or danger
  • Inadequate lifesaving equipment
  • Incompetent lifeguards and lack of lifeguards
  • Dangerous pool equipment (diving boards, slides and rides)
  • Diving board accidents and injuries
  • Lack of supervision
  • Inadequate lighting in and outside of the pool
  • Electric shock from faulty in-pool lighting
  • Unsafe chemical levels resulting in allergic reactions

If you suspect that your injury is a result of one of such reasons then you may have legal rights to compensation for injuries and damages. Call our firm for a free case evaluation. When you notifying us about your situation we may be able to assist you and possibly prevent future accidents by holding liable parties responsible.

Why Speak With Our Attorneys?

  1. We have extensive personal injury experience with aiding and recovering the maximum compensation possible for clients.
  2. You pay no attorney fees until we recover for you. To make your experience of working with us stress free, we offer to defer attorney fees until you are compensated. You already have a lot to worry about and paying for legal representation shouldn’t be one of those worries.
  3. We work with you directly. Unlike other law firms, our partners work directly with our clients, allowing for dedicated and thorough review of claims. We believe this sets us apart from other impersonal firms and allows us to develop a better relationship with clients.
  4. Free consultation and no obligations. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to work with an attorney or just looking to find answers to some of your questions, we welcome all communication and answer your questions free of charge. The more informed you are about your situation the better decisions you can make for yourself – we only hope that you make the right decision by seeking our services for maximum compensation.

Many of our past clients came through attorney referrals, because they appreciate the personal injury talent at Fisher & Talwar. You deserve the best from your attorneys and we seek to provide nothing less. It only takes a few minutes of your time for some valuable answers to your questions. Call us at (213) 891-0777 to find out how we may be of assistance to you.