SUV Rollover in Deadly Street Racing

By January 25, 2013 September 15th, 2016 Personal Injury News
SUV Rollovers

Police are looking for information surrounding a vehicle rollover that left one man dead and five injured in Long Beach last Saturday, on January 20, 2013 at approximately 8:42pm. Little is known about the exact cause of the crash, but police believe the car was involved in a street race. The vehicle was believed to have been speeding east down Del Amo Blvd when the driver lost control, struck the center divider, and rolled over multiple times.

RolloverUnknown Circumstances

While the exact cause of the crash remains unknown, police have revealed that they are reportedly interested in talking with the driver of a new model Infinity that was seen leaving the scene of the crash as police arrived.

First responders reported seeing the SUV overturned in the middle of the road upon their arrival.

Of the six people who were in the car, four were thrown from the vehicle as it rolled and two had to be extracted from the wreckage of the car by emergency responders.

All six of the occupants were transported to a local hospital where two were shortly released, three were listed in critical but stable condition, and one had expired from his wounds. The deceased was identified as Vernon Onofia, who was just 29 years old.

Preventable Tragedy

If in fact the reason the vehicle overturned was because its driver was racing another vehicle on the road, then this was a preventable tragedy. The best way to avoid being the loser in a street race isn’t to accelerate, but to avoid competing in the race altogether.

Never mind the argument that drivers on the road have nothing to prove to other drivers – subjecting responsible drivers to the consequences of the reckless is simply unfair and carries too many risks of unintended consequences.

As illustrated in the example above, the death of one of the occupants of the vehicle was a major unintended consequence of this alleged street race.

Even in less tragic scenarios where property damage is the only result of reckless driving, the damage caused by a street race can create a major financial burden for those involved. Without a car, an individual can’t work or perform routine daily functions as many of our destinations today require significant distance traversing.

Avoid Road Rage and Street Race Confrontations

  • Avoid confrontations with other drivers by letting aggressive drivers pass you on the road.
  • If you’re in your car and see another set of cars appear as if they are going to race, let those cars continue on and don’t be in a hurry to catch up – let them travel at their pace but be prepared for potential sudden stops.
  • Also, as always, ensure your seat belt is on. In case the worst does happen and you are involved in a collision, you can significantly increase your chances of survival.

For some reason, being in control of a car can make some people think irrationally. Do yourself a favor and stay out of the headlines – don’t let your emotions or pride get the better of you while you’re on the road; your fellow drivers will appreciate it.

Rollover Facts

Rollovers are quite typical for SUV’s as cited here in the “Rollover Accidents” section. Seeing such scenarios in the news supports the findings presented by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

What’s even more interestingly supported by the findings is that most deaths occur due to passengers being thrown out of the vehicle, because no seat belt was used.

Ejected passengers are nearly twice as likely to die in rollovers.

It is important to buckle up no matter which seat you are occupying while in a moving vehicle, especially an SUV. No matter what type of activity you’re engaged in, SUV’s are more susceptible to rollovers due to their size, shape and weight distribution.

Without knowing all of the facts in this situation it would be improper to make any sort of definitive conclusion, but we can always keep in mind safe practice rules when driving.

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