Yet another Pit Bull Attack on Toddler

pit bull dog bite

A terrifying report today describes a pit bull attack on a toddler. On Monday, a dog bit and dragged a child of 19-month-old, refusing to let go.

The owner’s dog grabbed the child’s leg when the toddler wandered outside and dropped an object nearby.  Her mother, despite her attempt to get the dog to let go, had to release the baby to avoid tearing of limbs.

A neighbor witnessing the incident jumped in to attempt to free the toddler; however the pit bull refused to open its powerful jaws. Larry Gordon then proceeded to pry the jaws open and succeeded.

Norco paramedics rushed to the scene and took the girl to Corona Regional Medical Center. The girl sustained moderate injuries.

There is no clear evidence suggesting that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds.  However, high population density of a particular dog breed has been linked to increased bite rates for the area. Many parents act shockingly surprised when incidents like this occur, not being able to grasp why a dog that has never bitten before is all of a sudden responsibly for a grizzly injury. Dog bite attorneys would like to remind you that most domestic animals, especially dogs have inherent animal instincts that can be triggered no matter how docile the animal appears to be.  Just because a dog has been calm its whole life and has never bitten before doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.

Pit Bulls are particularly popular among Southern California residents. The breed has been especially dangerous in the presence of young children due to its characteristics. Pit Bulls are known for their developed, powerful jaw muscles that often inflict deadly injuries. The force and grip with which the dogs have been known to bite down have even been compared to shark bites. Dog owners should take special care when providing safety for their young children, even from the friendliest of our beloved companions.  You can never be too sure when a dog’s natural animal instinct kicks in and triggers a deadly attack on a child.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Pit Bull

For those seeking more information whether pit bulls are dangerous, or are more dangerous than other dog breeds, consider checking out these useful Pit Bull FAQ.  You may also find headlines after headlines on children bit by a pit bull by performing a Google search, and make your own conclusions on the much disputed issue of which dog breed is the most dangerous. Nevertheless, keep in mind that dogs are after all animals and should be cared for appropriately to avoid injuries to family members and strangers alike.

If you’ve been injured by a Pit Bull in Southern California, or any other type of dog for that matter, you may want to contact an attorney. Dog bite injuries can lead to unexpected future complications and/or hindering your ability to enjoy life. Simply treating the injuries may not be enough to sustain a similar quality of life as prior to the injury. We’ve been representing dog bite victims for quite some time, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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