Inverse Condemnation Lawyer in Los Angeles

In Southern California, the potential for inverse condemnation cases is relatively high compared to other areas and states. Our densely populated and developed area is prone to frequent occurences of property damage by public projects. Inverse condemnation attorneys Fisher & Talwar have been practicing in this very specific area of law to help individuals who have been affected by inverse condemnation. Attorney Jamie Fisher and his expertise has drawn clients through referrals from other lawyers in the area due to his knowledgeable background.

What is Inverse Condemnation?

Regardless of whether the government has filed or intends to file an eminent domain action to acquire the impacted property, the owner or occupant may be entitled to compensation based on inverse condemnation liability. When a public project results in property damage without providing just compensation or actually takes, damages, or occupies the property, this is known as inverse condemnation. Inverse condemnation might happen as a result of a nearby public project that affects access, land subsidence (sinking), loss of neighboring or nearby support, flood damage, landslide damage, or physical occupation of the property, among other things.

Why Hire Inverse Condemnation Attorneys?

Eminent domain, especially inverse condemnation matters can be very complex for an average person to handle on their own. The law is not very clear when it comes to defining what is “too far” in regards to property regulation which renders a property unusable. Inverse condemnation involves suing the government, which can also prove very difficult for inexperienced lawyers. Fortunately, our Los Angeles inverse condemnation attorneys have handled various types of cases and recovered successfully for our clients. Choosing the right attorney can set you on a faster path to compensation recovery.

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