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Things People Leave on top of their Cars: Bottles, Purses … now Babies

There is no doubt you’ve witnessed someone placing their bottle or cup on top of the car to get easy access to the door only to forget about the object and drive off. You may have even done it yourself – it happens to the best of us. Occasionally people will even leave something more valuable up there like a purse.

Child Left on top of Moving Vehicle

We can now officially add a new item to that list – babies. KTLA reports a 19-year-old in Arizona leaving her baby on top of the car and driving off.

All joking aside, the woman reportedly placed the child in a car seat and then left the seat on top of the car after leaving her friend’s house at midnight.

There’s a catch, she left her friend’s house after smoking two bowls of pot.

Luckily the baby didn’t sustain any injuries after the car seat fell off at an intersection. If that car was going say on a highway, the story might have been entirely different and tragic.

The young mother has been booked on charges of child abuse and aggravated assault, while the child was taken to a hospital as a precaution and will remain in the custody of child services.

Here’s a tip for all future mothers: don’t smoke pot and leave your baby on top of a moving vehicle.

Even though babies have been known to survive a 3-story fall, it is ill-advised to threaten the life of your child.

In all seriousness though, another human life is in in your hands!

The fragile life of a human being that is part of you is supposed to instill caring and nurturing behavior, not negligent cruelty. If child-proofing your home is a no brainer, then making sure your child in the vehicle before you take off is a given.

Vibhu Talwar is a car accident attorney in Los Angeles