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Oxnard Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Of all of the states in the nation, California may be the best in which to ride a motorcycle. With warm temperatures year-round and never a fear of snow, California is a motorcyclist’s dream. And in Oxnard, riding a motorcycle can be a quicker and more efficient way to commute, too, as well as a way to get some fresh air and catch an ocean breeze when riding along the shoreline. 

But while the scenery may be beautiful and the cost of gas lower for motorcyclists, motorcycling can be a dangerous activity. There are hundreds of motorcyclists killed in our state every year and hundreds more injured in serious accidents. What’s more, motorcycle-involved deaths are on the rise. 

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash, our Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyer at the office of Fisher & Talwar can help. Reach us today for a free consultation.

Top Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents In Oxnard

One of the most important things about being a motorcyclist is knowing how motorcycle accidents happen–this way, a motorcyclist has the information necessary to ride defensively and, hopefully, avoid a collision. Knowing the top causes of motorcycle accidents is also important in the aftermath of a crash, as determining the cause of the accident will be important during the investigation. Some of the top causes of motorcycle crashes in Oxnard include:

  • Driving while distracted. For drivers of standard passenger vehicles, as well as the operators of motorcycles, driving while distracted is incredibly dangerous. Driving while distracted increases the risk of a crash, as a driver may not see a motorcyclist.
  • Driving while impaired. Like driving while distracted, driving while impaired significantly increases the risk of a motor vehicle/motorcycle collision. 
  • Blindspot accidents. Drivers, especially the drivers of larger vehicles, may not be able to see vehicles traveling in their vehicles’ blind spots, such as motorcycles. For motorcyclists, staying out of drivers’ blind spots is of critical importance and for drivers, double-checking blind spots before performing any maneuvers is key. 
  • Breaking any traffic safety laws. In addition to the above, doing anything that violates traffic safety laws, such as speeding, failing to signal, following too closely, and failing to yield is incredibly risky and should be avoided, too. 

Determining The Cause Of Your Motorcycle Accident

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash in Oxnard, our lawyers can help you to determine the cause of your crash and who should be held liable for damages. We’ll immediately open an investigation into your case, and can hire experts and other professionals–such as accident reconstruction or vehicle design experts–to contribute to the investigation and build your case. Once we know the cause of your crash, we can file a claim against the liable party for damages.

Damages Recoverable In A Motorcycle Accident Claim In Oxnard

Motorcyclists who are involved in motorcycle accidents often suffer devastating injuries, if not fatal ones. These injuries can be disabling, expensive to treat and result in a diminished quality of life. At the office of Fisher & Talwar, our Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyers understand the tragic nature of what you’ve experienced. Our lawyers will aggressively advocate for your right to your full damages amount, including compensation for your:

  • Medical bills, including any future medical expenses related to the injury;
  • Lost wages, benefits, and loss of earning capacity; 
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress; and
  • Any other economic or noneconomic damages suffered. 

Motorcycle Accident Statute Of Limitations

If you’re in a motorcycle accident and decide to file a lawsuit–which may the best course of action if you cannot reach a fair settlement with the insurance company–you’ll need to do within the statute of limitations in our state, which is two years from the date of your accident, according to California Code of Civil Procedures Section 335.1. Our law firm strongly recommends initiating the claims process as early as possible in order to avoid a breach of the statute of limitations.  

Call Our Oxnard Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Today For Your Free Consultation

Before you can even process what is happening, your life may be completely changed as the result of a motorcycle accident. Our Oxnard motorcycle accident lawyers understand how horrifying and heartbreaking a motorcycle is, both for the injured motorcyclist and their loved ones. To learn more about your rights and how we can help, we urge you to call our law firm directly to schedule your free consultation. Reach us today online or by phone to get started.

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